2012 Mashup Video Contest

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Digital Cultures & Technologies


The Digital Cultures & Technologies committee is sponsoring a mashup video contest that will celebrate student creativity with digital media. Winners will be announced and screened at an end of the spring semester event on April 12. There will also be a “Students Choice” winner decided on the night of the contest.


Definition: “A video mashup (also written as video mash-up) is the combination of multiple sources of video—which usually have no relation with each other—into a derivative work, often lampooning its component sources or another text. Many mashup videos are humorous movie trailer parodies, a later genre of mashups gaining much popularity. To the extent that mashups are ‘transformative’ of original content, they may find protection from copyright claims under the ‘fair use’ doctrine of copyright law.” (Wikipedia)

Length: Run time not to exceed 3 minutes
Format: 720P or Higher and using original sources (not a mashup of a mashup)
Eligibility: Currently enrolled SJFC undergraduate and graduate students (individuals or teams). Each student can be the lead producer on only one entry.
Submission: Post videos on YouTube as “private” and follow the directions posted here to share videos with the judges. You can “share” the video with the judges by using this email address: dct [at] sjfc [dot] edu

Entries due by April 2, 2011. Entries must include a completed entry form and video link that can be SUBMITTED HERE.

Judging: A panel of SJFC Digital Cultures & Technologies faculty will review the entries on criteria including:

  • Creative, sophisticated use of existing material for new purposes
  • Clearly communicates a central idea
  • Quality of technical aspects, design, and structure
  • Ability to engage a variety of audiences
  • Relevance to this year’s theme of Guilty Pleasures


  • First Place: Kindle Fire. 
  • Second Place: $50 iTunes card. 
  • Student Choice Award: 1-year subscription to Pandora One.



The mashup event will take place on April 12, 2011 and will be the final event of Digital Cultures Day. The event will conclude with a viewing of the contest finalists and awarding of prizes.1


Using Handbrake (Settings for DVD ripping)

  1. Official site information (download from here; read the User Manual); you’ll also need VLC Media Player
  2. Youtube tutorials. These may be more or less helpful, but there are many on YouTube to choose from. Just look for videos that are more recent (within the last year) and have a higher number of views: (Mac) (PC)
  3. Youtube video on ripping.

iMovie Help
If stuck, search YouTube for other iMovie ’09 tutorials on specific topics such as “iMovie 09 importing sound.”